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Precast Concrete Modular

Utility Building Systems

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Precast Concrete Modular Utility Building Systems

Concrete Modular Systems only manufactures the highest quality precast concrete building systems for state and local utility companies around the country.

Pre-fabricated utility buildings are the ideal solution for a multitude of applications including electrical control buildings, mechanical enclosures, pump station houses, and a vast array of other specialized buildings.

Steel reinforced precast concrete is ne of the strongest and most durable materials with all our buildings rated for 150 mph wind loads with optional upgrades for wind loads up to 250 mph. Precast concrete buildings are built to last with a life time of most structures surpassing 50 years.

All of our buildings can be completely fabricated on or off site and shipped to the customer locations complete with any electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or other custom add on components integrated as needed.

Precast Concrete Utility Building Applications

Substation Control Buildings
Battery Buildings
Switchgear Buildings
SCADA Enclosures
Generator System Enclosures
Air Monitoring Buildings
Communication Shelters
Pump Station Enclosures
Disaster Recovery Centers
Material Storage Buildings
Physical Security