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Precast Concrete Modular Industrial Building

Concrete Modular Systems, LLC utilizes its vast experience in a variety of precast concrete modular building system applications to serve commercial, industrial and government facilities with a vast array of economical buuilding and storage solutions. Industrial facilities have countless needs that can be met with Concrete Modular Systems’ high end precast concrete modular building systems.

These building applications include but are not limited to computer server rooms, material storage & handeling, battery enclosure buildings, MCC enclosures, VFD enclosures, substation control buildings, restrooms, offices, break rooms, guard houses, city toll booths, storm shelters, and a vast number of alternate or combined commercial, industrial and governmental building applications.

In the past 20 years serving the industrial need, Concrete Modular Systems has advanced its design capabilities to include blast rated designs that can be customized to the specific needs of our clients.

The single most beneficial feature offered to industrial clients include competitive pricing, on and off-site assebly with precise installation scheduling, customized “plug and play” solutions, durability, customized addons, and the flexibility of building expansion and future relocation.

Having served commercial, industrial and government customers all over the nation, Concrete Modular Systems has extensive experience in working with state and local regulatory authorities to make sure that all our customers receive highest quality buildings on the market.

For more information about numerous commercial, industrial and governmental facility solutions offered, contact us today.

Precast Concrete Modular Industrial Building Applications

Break Rooms
Employee Storm Shelters
Guard House
Substation Control Buildings
Generator Shelters
Battery Buildings
Control Booths
Sound Attenuated Buildings
Server Rooms
Blast Rated Buildings
Material Storage Buildings
Containment Buildings
Physical Security